Antair Spam Filter stops spam where it counts - directly on your BlackBerry device.

With support for both corporate and personal devices, Antair Spam Filter installs in seconds, and requires no configuration. It is smart, effective, and unobtrusive. Learn More »

Antair Spam Filter

Antair Call Screener blocks unwanted phone calls to your BlackBerry.

With support for unlimited profiles, you can quickly switch from allowing calls only from your office, to allowing calls only from family members, to blocking all unknown and private calls. Learn More »

Antair Call Screener

Antair DelayedSend allows you to schedule your outbound email.

With full integration with the BlackBerry inbox, Antair DelayedSend allows you to write your email or SMS, and then easily delay or schedule the message to be sent at a later time.
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Antair DelayedSend

Antair AutoResponder allows you to set up custom, automatic email responses.

Antair AutoResponder will automatically let your clients know that you received their email, so you can reply when it's convenient for you. Learn More »

Antair AutoResponder

Antair Snippets is a powerful email auto-text solution for your BlackBerry.

Create everything from common responses to entire email messages with only a few keystrokes. Full integration with your BlackBerry inbox.
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Antair Snippets

Antair Nightstand for iPad and the BlackBerry PlayBook

Digitally handcrafted to look like a real nightstand alarm clock, Antair Nightstand features a beautiful, large display, fun alarm sounds, and multiple, animated themes.
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Antair Nightstand