Company Information

Antair is a software studio based in New York.

Since 2005, we have been creating a diverse line of software products for a variety of platforms, including mobile phones and tablets.

Current Products

Legacy Products

  • Antair SMS Filter for BlackBerry
  • Antair RE:mind for BlackBerry
  • Antair Headers for BlackBerry
  • Asteroid Jane for BlackBerry
  • Antair Video Poker for BlackBerry
  • Antair Video Slots for BlackBerry
  • Antair Christmas Slots for BlackBerry
  • Antair Printer Friendly for IE and Firefox
  • Antair Chinchilla for Windows
  • DoubleTake for Windows and Mac
    DoubleTake is now available for other platforms, and is being improved, maintained, and sold by Retro Dreamer
  • Sneezies for iPhone
    Sneezies is now being improved, maintained, and sold by Retro Dreamer

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