Antair Notes. Now with 100% better spelling.

Antair Notes has been updated to include a spell checker. The update is already available for the BlackBerry PlayBook, and should be available soon on the B&N NOOK and the Amazon Kindle Fire.


Antair Notes

Antair Notes is the easiest, most intuitive note taking application you’ll ever use.

  • Create and edit as many notes as you want.
  • Easy browsing through existing notes.
  • Full search capabilities.
  • Portrait and landscape modes with a unique way of working in each perspective.
  • A selection of fonts and text colors.
  • Email your notes!

Antair Notes is available for the B&N NOOK, the Amazon Kindle Fire, and the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Antair Nightstand for the iPad

Antair Nightstand, our popular alarm clock app for the BlackBerry PlayBook, is now available for your iPad!

Antair Nightstand 1.9

Antair Nightstand 1.9 for the BlackBerry PlayBook is now available.

This release introduces two new animated themes: Fireflies and Digital Age.

The update for Antair Nightstand is available in the BlackBerry App World. Existing customers will receive the update at no charge.

Here’s a brand new video of Antair Nightstand, with the new themes

Antair Spam Filter 4.3.2 has been released.

Antair Spam Filter 4.3.2 is now available.

In this update, we improved the way the email domains are managed with regard to incoming spam. We also improved the search mechanism for SMS numbers, and added various optimization and bug fixes.

Your installation of Antair Spam Filter will automatically notify you of the available update the next time you start the application. You can also update your installation by downloading Antair Spam Filter from, using your BlackBerry web browser.


Pregnancy Food Guide on Android

Pregnancy Food Guide has been available for the iPhone for a short while now, and as of today, it’s also available for your Android phone.

Antair Nightstand for the Amazon Kindle Fire

Antair Nightstand is now available on the Amazon Kindle Fire.

You can purchase your copy directly from your Kindle Fire.


Our latest app for the iPhone


I’d like to introduce the Pregnancy Food Guide, our latest app for the iPhone.



Know what you can eat and what you can’t when you’re expecting.

When shopping for food or eating at a restaurant, this handy and informative guide will help you make safe decisions for you and your baby.

The application features hundreds of common foods, drinks, and ingredients, along with information on whether the food is safe to consume during pregnancy, and any related benefits or dangers.

BlackBerry Error: “PushModalScreen called by a non-event thread”

You’re working with a BlackBerry application, when, all of a sudden, a dialog box pops up with the message:

“Unexpected error: java.lang.RuntimeException:PushModalScreen called by a non-event thread”.

What gives?

The error message is an indication from the system, that the app you are working with is trying to display a popup screen to show you some information, but it’s doing it in an inappropriate way. In a nutshell, this is caused by poor programming on the part of the app developers.

This isn’t something that’s “fixable” by you. There is no general setting or configuration option that you can toggle in your system that would resolve the issue. You would need to contact the makers of the app directly for support, and they would need to fix the issue in their application, and release a patch update.

When you contact the developers, they may ask you to change a configurable option or toggle a setting to resolve the issue. If this helps, it’s because the developers are probably aware of the problem, and know of a temporary workaround. Their suggestion would get you around the immediate issue, but wouldn’t resolve the underlying cause of the error. For that, there is no getting around having the developers fix the issue in their application, and release a proper patch.